About Me

I’m a Philly native who moved to Dublin to spend a year at Trinity College studying Irish Theatre and Film.  Fourteen years later, I have  acquired a husband, two sons,  and a Miniature Schnauzer, so I guess I’m here to stay!  This is a good thing, because if I ever had to move back to the USA, I would have to figure out a way to transform my ever-growing cookbook collection.  I think my obsession started when I found a battered ex-library copy of Craig Claiborne’s The New York Times Cookbook in New York’s The Strand bookstore. I was a poor college student who could just about afford a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and did most of my cooking in an illegal dorm-room microwave, so most recipes were out of my reach, but I devoured the book like a trashy beach novel, and food has pretty much been my hobby ever since.  I have purchased more cookbooks than I can count, subscribed to a wide variety of food & wine magazines, spent hundreds of hours on the sofa watching cooking shows and pouring over foodie blogs.  I hope to share some of my greatest finds with you in this blog, as well as share some of my own tips and foodie interests.

My son and I enjoying a perfect peach in France

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