Lovely Leftovers and my Cookbook of the Week

My favorite holiday has come and gone, but I had a lovely time celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. I roasted my turkey and made my stuffing in quite traditional ways, and friends provided a lovely assortment of sides (including the most sinful, creamy mashed sweet potatoes and beautiful, Indian-spiced roast parsnips). I pushed the boatContinue reading “Lovely Leftovers and my Cookbook of the Week”

Cookbook of the Week, October 31

Part of my motivation for starting this blog is to get out of my cookbook rut. I own zillions of cookbooks (I’m too scared to actually count, lest I realize how much money I’ve spent…) but I can fall into the awful habit of only cooking from the two or three for weeks on endContinue reading “Cookbook of the Week, October 31”