Slow Living

My love of slow cooking has been well documented on this site already, but it has become a necessity since I returned to work and renewed my commitment to family dinner. I use it at least once a week. Sometimes, I use it to make to make a batch of baked beans that I portion into freezer containers. Other days, I need help with Taco Tuesday, which follows swimming lessons – meaning I have 3.5 seconds to get dinner on the table after we walk in the front door. Often, I let a ham simmer away all Sunday afternoon with some oranges, cloves, and brown sugar. By the time it’s finished it falls apart into gorgeous strands of smoky deliciousness. (Although, if you are patient enough to let it cool, it slices beautifully) We nosh away on it all week in sandwiches, on top of pasta, or in salads.

This morning though, I peeked at my menu plan and realised that I had absolutely NO interested in making the pretzel crusted chicken that I had planned. Also, I had failed to actually buy pretzels. So I turned to my trusty slow cooker and threw together some absolutely delicious Sesame Honey Chicken, which I served with brown rice, cauliflower, and broccoli. It was a total hit! (OK, the threenager only ate the rice, but still…whole grains!) I’ve also made this recipe with a pork tenderloin instead of chicken and it is delicious. The shredded pork is incredibly tender and the leftovers make great pulled pork sandwiches.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

On the topic of leftovers…I used up tonight’s by making some chicken fried rice. I sautéed some onion & ginger in sesame oil and scrambled an egg. I folded them into the cold rice* & vegetables, threw in the leftover shredded chicken and topped it all off with some chopped peanuts and chives. (I am a firm believer that almost anything is better with chives!) I am looking forward to my latest not sad desk lunch.

*Aways make friend rice with cold rice, or things start to turn into a weird savoury rice pudding.


Speaking of lunch, I’m excited to be heading here for a Mother’s Day treat with the men in my life. Other weekend plans include eating my weight in Macroom Buffalo Mozarella on pizza night, and making some chocolate truffles for Saturday night’s book club. It’s been a long week…we deserve it!


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