I’m ba-ack…

So I went out to dinner with some friends in London last week. OK – fine – we went for drinks, and then I insisted on dinner because this girl can’t really handle her pints any more. Thanks to some impeccable local knowledge of one pal, we ended up in the most gorgeous Italian restaurant in Shoreditch. While shoving forkfuls of tiny, light-as-air gnocchi and sticky, tender lamb ragu into my mouth, I learned that one of my dinner companions was a former food blogger. ‘NO WAY – I used to have a food blog!’ I exclaimed with my mouth full.

And then I was sad. I used to have one? Huh? I still have one! It’s just…been a while. Goodness knows that I haven’t stopped thinking about food, reading about food, or cooking food, so why haven’t I been writing about it? Frankly, to quote a non-foodie guru of mine, I haven’t been making it a priority. But I still have so much to say! I haven’t told you about my Cookbook Club, shared all of the things that Jenny Rosenstrach has taught us about family dinner, or loudly sung the praises of Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce. I have so many avocado toast photos to share!


Seriously. So many avocado toast photos. Isn’t it just the best? Anyway…I guess this is me saying hey, hi there, and I’m going to try and do this more. Because I miss it. Here’s to all the crusty Italian bread & limoncello shots that reminded me of that!

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